We work in a data-driven team

Our work is characterized by challenges and by focussing on the essentials: searching for elegant and workable solutions, processing data creatively and helping each other to overcome difficulties. We resolve challenges together with the customer and our team - fair and transparently. Data are cold, they do not forgive mistakes and careless concepts. Nevertheless, we try to conquer them with hot hearts!
Our values
We try to do justice to everyone: to our office dog Eva, our customers and employees, our tax consultant and also to Mrs. Ziesche and her team that keeps our rooms livable. For us, Karma is not just a sign on the wall!
Team spirit
Team spirit means that even after wild data hunts, we can still look each other in the eye. That is, because we support each other, help where we can and give direct feedback.
We are curious and happy about new ideas, new data, new models. Most of all when one of us has pulled them out of the bushes somewhere. And we once again reach the limits of our intellect ...
We love simple solutions: cheap, easy to control and still providing the customer with good data. We also love our solutions to be all-encompassing and powerful though. Striving for elegance, we do everything to combine those two claims.
We make our customers understand what we do. We enable them to see through their data, recognize mechanisms and patterns. Through this transparency customers are able to make use of their data.
Our perks
Conquering data requires concentration and energy. We want to provide a working environment that makes this (sometimes hard) work as pleasant as possible. We also seem to succeed in this, some people (and not only the boss) have been working for ISBA for decades ...
Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours, which fit the individual work-life balance, and home office up to 4 days a week are possible at ISBA.
Central office
Our office is centrally located, with good transport links, in an attractive area for nice lunch options - directly on Kampnagel by the canal.
Feel good atmosphere
You should also feel good in the office. We have a relaxed working atmosphere, a large terrace (above the canal), free coffee, water and fruit, monthly after-work drinks and 2 company events per year.
State-of-the-art equipment
We provide you with state-of the art equipment in the office and at home - not only when it comes to IT, but also office furniture.
If the business result allows it, and it always has so far, there is an extra bonus for good individual performance and a share in the result of up to one month's salary.
We learn by modeling the data and our projects. However, we see training and development opportunities in the form of e-learning and conferences as welcome little helpers.
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Job title short (m/w/d)
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