Let's unlock business opportunities through reliable data.

ISBA, a data science consultancy
We find customised and fully thought-through solutions for complex data issues - based on the triad of expertise, creativity and fairness. Our toolbox contains mathematical models, statistical concepts and efficient algorithms that work together perfectly.
Founded in Hamburg
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Projects completed
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What we help our clients with
Fix inconsistent data sets
We check data records, correct internal contradictions and add missing information.
Make data representative
We establish compatibility with reality through weighting and calibration.
Provide an effective data strategy
We design and operationalise the connection of multiple data sources with their evaluation in complex tools.
See the bigger picture
We condense and segment data so that relevant connections become visible.
Create new business opportunities
We create databases that our customers use to sell successfully.
Audit Offer
Each of our projects has a goal and starts with questions - and with data in which the answers are hidden. We offer to sift through your data and give you an assessment of whether your questions and your data fit together. And what is still missing to reach your goal.
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Giovanni di Lorenzo often sat with Helmut Schmidt and talked to him about the world and everything that was the case there. We invite you to do something similar with us - contact us if you want to realize an idea, expand a project and share experiences.