We transform complex data into true business assets.

We work with and on data. For us, they are the raw material from which we create customised products. The data and the project goals are often unique. That is why we are used to finding unique processing strategies for our customers. To make this possible, we have a good stock of coordinated tools that we can efficiently combine with each other.
Making data fit
We identify inconsistencies, outliers, skews and gaps and make the data meaningful, representative and valid through cleaning, imputation and weighting.
Examine data
We look at data and develop ways to use it with our clients. We weigh up what information the data actually contains and what level of detail makes sense.
Integrating data
We merge data from different sources. We have various fusion processes at our disposal for this purpose and develop individual solution strategies based on our experience.
Modelling reality
We simplify models and structure reality. We check or search for the appropriate data and take our clients along with us when modelling by explaining what we do.
Unfolding data
We cluster, segment and work multivariate analytically and exploratively. With powerful and intuitive in-house procedures we can show how target groups are made up and which products interact with one another.
Visualize data
We develop dashboards that allow clients to follow the evolvement of customer and product portfolios. Due to condensed data every glance at the dashboard provides relevant insights.
How we do it
The first questions are the most important: What should our work deliver? What information is available? We are good at this because we have done it many times before. Once it is clear what needs to be done, we develop a data strategy. We choose procedures and link them together so that we get an efficient process. In addition to standard procedures, we rely heavily on components we have developed ourselves. Data should speak in the end. That is why we attach importance to possibilities to give them a voice - be it via dashboards or integration into our own tools.
Why we do it
Business opportunities can be unlocked through data - we want to make such data available. We are excited to develop data strategies that are a key to the vault of business opportunities. In this way, we can not only enjoy successful concepts, but also their real success. Our strategies are:
Our results reflect what is in the data.
Our results can be understood from the data, our black box is transparent.
We make sure that our results are really useful. They are designed with their purpose in mind.
Audit Offer
Each of our projects has a goal and starts with questions - and with data in which the answers are hidden. We offer to sift through your data and give you an assessment of whether your questions and your data fit together. And what is still missing to reach your goal.
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Giovanni di Lorenzo often sat with Helmut Schmidt and talked to him about the world and everything that was the case there. We invite you to do something similar with us - contact us if you want to realise an idea, expand a project and share experiences.
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